Salta is the capitale of the region from the same name. It’s a city slightly on the north o f Argentina. Salta is also the argentinian capital of the famous meal, the empanadas. If you are in this city  you really have to taste some. It is also a touristic place as you will notice by the number of gift and souvenir shops you will find in the city center. Speaking of this I highly recommend you to get a bit further and pay a visit to the Mercado Artesanal. A fair trade shop  in a old floor mill. You will find there handicraft from the area. Beware they don’t accept cards, you better have some cash. Salta’s region have plenty of place to visit.

High altitude museum

The hight altitude museum is also the archeologic museum. It is on the place of the 9th July. It is also the museum of the fine arts. He was built after the discovery of three mommified children  on Llullaillaco volcano, el niño, La niña del rayo andt La doncella. This museum allow you to better understand the Inca’s culture and more precisely the sacrificial rites. The excellent conservatio of the body is due of the geographical situation where the mommies have been found. It was situated in Attacama desert, at the altitude of 6739m high (which is actually the highest archeological site in the world) and combine both an extreme dryness and low temperature. The museum is not so huge but impress by the number of object presented.

Grandes salinas

Almat 2017-236

Almat 2017-236

From Salta it is very easy to go to Grandes Salinas. It is the second bigger flat salt of the world. It is at an altitude of 3450m high and the way up will make you go above the low rainy clouds. So you will generally a big blue sky even if the weather is not nice in Salta. Flat salts are always very impressive place to visit. You face a sea of whiteness in front of you. Because of the dazzle, sunglasses are an absolut necessity.


Almat 2017-233

Almat 2017-233

Cafayere is a small city not so far Salta which the surroundings reminds a bit of the Colorado and grand canyon landscapes. The huge amount of turnings of the roads leading there wil make you feel dizzy just by looking at them. On the way you will be able to see many geological curiosities as La Garganta del diablo (the devil’s throat) or El anfiteatro (the amphitheater). You also could stop at many place to admire the amazing landscapes argentina has to offer you. You also make a gastronomical stop a the very cute colonial village of Cachi

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