Pattaya is everything but a calm city. Friend who love to party, there you will get what you are looking for. Nightclubs, bars, are all set up for a long night. Thewalking street and arounds have a sulfurous reputation and are known to be a place debauchery and prostitution. Beware beaters who will probably show you fake prices. At the end, the bill could be salty. Always ask to see the menu and never trust what they are saying.

 3 things to see in Pattaya :

The sanctuary of truth



This temple is entirely built with wood and not one nail. The builbuid is a complex and impressive assembly. The temple still in renovation but still open to the public (2016). You can actually admire the different wood scultures techniques used and see the workers in the act.



The beach

A long way is surrounding the sea side. You will easily find everything to get you good shape after a rough night. You will be served my refeshements in the many tents are scattered while a lot of street vendor will propose you many varities of food. Fryied, coconuts, fruits, skewers pick what want.


The big golden buddha

On the heights of the city, you can easily access it with a songthaew. It a cult location so please go there with covered arms and legs. You could do an offering in the urns in front of buddha’s statues representing all the different days of the weeks (notice there is two Wednesday). A lit little bit downhill you will find few others temple with more chinese’s inspirations.

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