Nong Khai

Nong khai is a small town near the Vietnam border. The bridge linking the city to Vietiane is a real symbol of the friendship between those two countries. It crosses the Mekong. The silk road used to go through this city and you can still see the remaining of this commercial road in the city. There are plenty of shop selling silk and you could even visit a manufacture hold by a company helping delincant woman to reininsert in society.

3 things to see in Nong Khai:

The covered market place

On the mekong riverside, the covered market of NongKhhai is a witness of the past the silk road and how this place important. You can find here all sort of things from crafts from coming from northern countries (even sometimes Russia), fabric, clothes wood sculture. You will find everything and its opposite. The circulation is quite good and if it is raining you will still be wet. The usual market of the city, non covered, someties mix to it at its opening hours.

Sala Keoku (Statue park)



A bit oustide of the city, this park really something you should see. Approching it you will already able to see two impressive statue with a imposant size. Arrived at your destination, you can walk othe alley between the statues describing some very weird, almost horrific, scenes. Giant snake, dogs attacking an elephant, head getting out of the ground, youngest might be affraid… In that case there is a nice pond where you can feed quite big fishes with some food which is just sold near the place. Success garanteed !

Hiking from the promenade to the rice fields



The side of the mekong is a long way you can walk. My advice is to rent some bikes . downstream you will find two huge dragoons in front of chinese inspired temple. Going up the river there is the promenade with restaurants, the covered market, the docks where the ware transit from one country to another. More up the river the way gets narrow and then you will the friendship bridge.. you can still go further , you will find few groups of local’s houses and nice rice fields. Some paths separate the fields. The ride is quite pleasant, you will see.

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