Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is so on the north of Thailand that you will need motivation to go there from Bangkok. And two full days are really enough to visit the most interesting places. So you may dount of the necessities to do the trip because, first it looks like a classic city like any city in Thailand. Its wealth comes from its cultural life ans some temples that you need to see.

3 things to see in Chiang Rai

The white temple



Only to see this temple you need to go to Chiang Rai. Horrific and nightmarish vision are waiting you here. With its hands and tentacules gettting out from the ground outside, and its painting half traditionnal half modern inside, this temple doesn’t look like another in the world. It is extremely and precisely well decorated. If you are going to Thailand don’t miss it, you won’t regretted it.

The black temple

To be fair, this is not really a temple but more like several little houses (around forty) each having its own style. You can freely visit them . The result is really surprising and strange.

The night market of Chiang Rai



The weekly market of Chiang Rai is a real attraction. It quite vast and will propose you a big panels of stands like crafts, clothes, paintings, arts, antiques, foods and gadgets. It takes over many streets and end on a place with most of the food stands and two scenes facing each other where many musician will come play or dancers do their show.

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