Marrakech is a quite a paradoxal city. It’s a beautiful ancient place and can be very welcoming for someone who knows the good deals. But its shine is highly tainted by the hasselling of the toursits by some locals. It’s actually impossible to walk for five minutes without being bothered for any reasons like some people wanting to guide you (without forgetting after to ask for a little act of generosity), sellers reaching to get in their shop and even some drug dealers who will try to sell you some illicit things. It’s even more a shame because the city itself if amazing. A real maze within you orientation senses will be hardly tested.

House of the photography

Marrakeck 2017-10

Marrakeck 2017-10

For the photography lovers, Marrakech has a photography house more than noticeable. It’s an a small house in the medina. It has three floors and a rooftop where you can take refreshments. There you will find one or several temporary exhibitions which will always display some really great pictures. In the permanent section there is a good numbers of quite astonishing old pictures and incredible autochromes. Those ones are sometimes more than one hundred years old and are a real testimony of the moroccan life at the time peroid. It is even more important to mention this as autochromes are becoming rarer.

Bahia palace

Marrakeck 2017-45

Marrakeck 2017-45

Although the palace has been stolen from all its wealth, it still stands as an architectural chef d’œuvre showing all the richness of the the morroccan culture. At the entrance you will be able to see some parrots who take shelters in the orange trees. The ceilings are higly decorated as often in arabic traditions. The smallest yard are lushy, green and refreshing. You acess them by woody doors very detailly carved. The main open place have some water pieces. Take some time here to see the regular and sober paving and compare it to the colorful ceiling.

Saadian tombs

Small detour by the Saadian tombs. They are actually 500 years old and have been discovered only in 1917. The restauration of this place is impressive. It has to be noticed how simple are some of the tomb of importznt important. I highly recommand to take a guide. Without it you will probably miss most of the interest of the visit and you will learn a lot about the dynasty that rule on Marrakech during its golden age.

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