Lopburi is a bit north of Ayutthaya. It is a city totally invaded by hundreds of monkeys. This is all the paradoxal thing of the city. At the side of humans, monkeys has lost the natural way of living and are reallydaily  bothering people there. They are fighting, they are stealing and are everywhere. But they are also a real tourist attraction  and without them, the city wouldn’t see any tourist coming. The train station is very central and it is very simple to just stop for an afternoon going north or south by train.

3 things to see in Lopburi

Monkey temple



It is the main reason why you would stop here. Hundreds of monkeys are regrouped there. Those animals won’t be affraid and will climb on you without any hesitation, will jump with agility from traveler to traveler. There may be many to come on you, and backpacks are usually a good spot for them to hang. Watch out to small belongings and your pockets because they will try to get anything they can get. It is safer to put everything they might steal in a bag they will have trouble to open.

King’s palace

Near the train station, it is probably not the most impressive building you will find in Thailand but if you stay longer enough it might be interesting to take a look. It has been transforme in a museum ans two types of architecture.

The city



The city on itself is quite a show. Monkeys are absolutely everywhere. On buildings, on high voltage lines, they are ransacking the trash,hang out  in the streets. They are everyday life of the locals. It is not rare to see a monkeys trying to steal food at the market place and receive stick beating.

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